• Mind My Brains, Darling! (poster by Jeremy Hodges)

    Set in Britain in 1979, Mind My Brains, Darling! follows the ups and downs of family life with the Worthingtons – a typical family with a mum, dad, two kids and a grandfather. Typical that is, for a peri-apocalyptic society ravaged by war and zombies for the past 4 years. Oh, and the dad is a Zombie.

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  • Mind My Brains, Darling! Season 1


…to all the awesome people who have helped to fund Mind My Brains, Darling!
Mind My Brains indiegogo logo

We’ve launched a funding campaign at indiegogo.com/mindmybrains. We will list ALL donors who contribute $5 or more here. Wouldn’t you like to see your name here…?

A HUGE thank you to the following people who have dipped into their pockets to help fund Mind My Brains, Darling!

Mark Jepsen

Brent Schaus

Dean Michaud

Megan Lynch

Greg McDermott


Barb Lach

Keith Alguire

J Louis Srygley

Philip Waters

Wilson Cleveland

Matthew Enlow

Tabitha G Smith


Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal and Monkey Kingdom PR

Jeffrey Valdez

Mark Hunt

Sheelagh Semper

Matt C Newcomb

Lisa Lombardi

Connor Gregory

Taryn O’Neill


Daniela F A Silva


Jennifer Dittrich

Greg McDermott

Martin Connor

Felicia Day

Steven Kawakami

Steven Cain

Issy Tavares

Michael May

Doug Luberts

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