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    Set in Britain in 1979, Mind My Brains, Darling! follows the ups and downs of family life with the Worthingtons – a typical family with a mum, dad, two kids and a grandfather. Typical that is, for a peri-apocalyptic society ravaged by war and zombies for the past 4 years. Oh, and the dad is a Zombie.

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Ackernon and VCON and Geek Girl Con – oh my! Part 2

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Mary Higgins as Petunia WorthingtonPicture is unrelated?

Read Part 1 here!

Thursday 6th October After a hectic day on Vancouver Island, there was no rest for the wicked. There were interviews to be done for the Webseries Documentary, and then some Super Sekrit Stuff in the afternoon. We rounded off the night by taking our American visitors to our favourite Abbotsford Indian restaurant, Zaika, Tastes of India.

Friday 7th October Up bright and early to get the kids to school and pack the car for the road trip down to Seattle. Having a large family means we have a Dodge Caravan which was very useful as it held three Border Guardians and three Mind My Brainers plus luggage. Going through the border, the guard wanted to know who we all were and how we knew each other. Paul blithely told him we all met on the Internet. He blinked slightly and asked where we were going together, to which Paul replied a convention. The guard wanted to know more so Paul told him was a geek convention – like a comic book convention. If only we could have taken a photograph of his face. It was obvious we wouldn’t make something like that up…

The Reading Room in Seattle with Glynis and Paul B in backgroundThe Reading Room in Seattle, after noms!

The journey down to Seattle was pretty smooth going and we checked into the Warwick hotel in the afternoon. There were emails flying around about the ‘Women in Webseries’ panel members meeting up in the evening and the following morning for brunch, so we headed over to The Reading Room. There we had some very tasty food and met Glynis Mitchell, writer and actor in Causality. We spent some time down there and then interviewed Glynis for the documentary and were joined by director/producer Ralph Fontaine. We had already met, and sat on a panel with, Ralph the previous week at VCON, and it was great to meet up with him again. After a tiring day it was then back to the hotel to prepare for the main event – Geek Girl Con!

This is the fountain you are looking forThis is the fountain you are looking for

Saturday 8th October Brunch plans fell through so after a hasty breakfast we set towards the Space Needle hoping to catch up with the rest of the panel to go over a few things before the afternoon. Turns out there are TWO fountains in the Seattle Centre, but we did meet up after a chance but welcome encounter with The One True b!X sent us in the right direction to pick up our passes (thanks, b!X, wish I had had time to introduce myself properly!). After a quick meeting with the rest of the panel at the correct fountain to confirm timings and say hello, we picked up our passes and got on with the business of nabbing some people for interviews for the Webseries Documentary.

filming interviews at Geek Girl ConWatching us filming you interviewing us – Angela Aro takes some questions.

Our panel was 4:00 – 5:30 in the EMP: JBL Theater, and we’ll tell you more about that next time!

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Ackernon and VCON and Geek Girl Con – oh my! Part 1

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Josephine Hoy and Angela Aro relax after a hectic day at VCON 36 Josephine Hoy and Angela Aro relax after a hectic day at VCON 36

It’s been a whirlwind here for the two weeks as we prepped for Paul Best and Angela Aro from ‘Border Guardians of Ackernon‘ arriving from California, VCON, Geek Girl Con and a whistle-stop trip over to Victoria to guest on Indie Intertube. Along the way we interviewed many people for our upcoming webseries documentary and met a whole host of wonderful folk.

 Quick Roundup

Thursday Sept 29th Travelled down to Bellingham to collect Paul Best and Angela Aro from ‘Border Guardians of Ackernon’ from the Amtrak station. We met Paul at VCON 35 in 2010 and had kept in touch. We are currently filming a webseries documentary with Paul’s Wolf’s Head Productions. We then went straight to Richmond, Vancouver to prep for VCON 36.

VCON screenings for Mind My Brains, Darling! and Standard Action

Friday Sept 30th After catching up with old and new friends we got our table all set up for VCON. Last year we didn’t really know any other local webseries productions but we had connected to so many since then that we decided to use our table as an ‘Independent Westcoast Webseries’ table so we could promote other webseries along with ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’. We had a screening in the evening which was followed by ‘Standard Action’, which was great fun. Then we interviewed the cast and crew of ‘Standard Action’ for the webseries documentary.

Mind My Brains, Darling! Reunion at VCON 36

Saturday Oct 1st We spent the day filming interviews and promoting webseries at the table. We also had a ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ screening and panel with guest stars Josephine Hoy and Alan Douglas and executive producer, Louis Srygley. Angela was cosplaying Petrina from ‘Border Guardians of Ackernon’ and was asked to enter the Masquerade. We all went for a meal that night and had a rare old time – and Angela even won 1st prize in the Masquerade!

Angela Aro wins first prize as Petrina from Border Guardians of Ackernon

Sunday Oct 2nd We did more interviews, starting early with a very illuminating talk with Robert Luis Rabello, a Vancouver-based author who has some very interesting things to say about the digital landscape. We also interviewed/were interviewed by Warren Freyburg, who also posted this video of the ‘Webseries’ panel we did:

The panel, from left to right, was:

Vanessa Driveness (Associate Producer/Costume Designer/Marketing & PR Manger, Standard Action)
Joanna Gaskell (Writer/Creator/Actor, Standard Action)
Mary Higgins (Writer/Creator/Actor, Mind My Brains, Darling! & Marketing, Border Guardians of Ackernon)
Josephine Hoy (Producer, Glitch)
Ralph Fontaine (Assistant Director/Producer, Causality)
Anna Julia (Assistant Director/Producer, Causality)
Paul Best (Writer/Director, Border Guardians of Ackernon)
Angela Aro (Actor, Border Guardians of Ackernon)

Here are the webseries promos that we screened during the panel (thanks to Paul H for getting this done on time!)

Monday Oct 3rd After a packed weekend we caught up on some domestic tasks and prepared for Ed’s birthday.

two cakes are better than one

Tuesday Oct 4th Introduced Paul and Angela to some delicious Indian food in Abbotsford and then went to iHop for birthday tea. Prepped for epic journey ahead…

On the ferry to Victoria

Wednesday Oct 5th Collected Laura Olsen, amazing musician and composer from Blue Steer Studios, at YVR and then headed off to Tsawwassen to interview the cast and crew of ‘4 Villains’ webseries, and to appear live on the Indie Intertube podcast.

The 4 Villains collective were very welcoming and we had an interesting interview with them in their amazing lair. This new, interactive webseries is certainly worth checking out – you could even be in it!

4 Villains in Lair pt 1

A quick dash over to Indie Intertube and we got there just as the show started. April (Destini) and Amanda (Shadhavar) were so welcoming to us as their first in-studio guests, and we spent a very enjoyable 2 hours in their company. You can hear the show here:

Listen to internet radio with Destini on Blog Talk Radio

Indie Intertube and Ackernon in Victoria, BC

We said some hasty goodbyes, hoping to get back to the ferry in time for the 7:00 PM sailing. Luckily for us….

BC Ferries win againIn Part 2 we’ll reveal all about the build up to Geek Girl Con – stayed tuned!


Rock Star Interview with Efehan Elbi

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Efehan Elbi and Nathan FillionEfehan Elbi and Nathan Fillion.

This week’s Rock Star Interview is with the amazingly talented artist Efehan Elbi. I first met Efe a long time ago through our shared love of The Guild. I followed him on Twitter and through that saw his outstanding animation work, like ‘So Then, Don’t Wait’ and ‘Rainfall‘, which features the voice talents of Molly Quinn. He has a graphic novel series about Genevieve, available on

Efehan is also a filmmaker and webseries creator. His latest work with Zac Tatham and Aaron Manczyk as part of the ‘Family Contact‘ collective, explores relationships, family, time and work in a unique, refreshing and hilarious way. Think you know what’s going to happen next in ‘Living with Friends’? I sincerely doubt it – you’ll have to watch to find out! There’s a great review of the team on the Toronto Film Scene magazine.

When we announced ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’, Efehan was very supportive. Once he heard about the opening credits we were hoping to have he very generously offered to do them. He has created a wonderful sequence for us that we can’t share with you!

What are your earliest memories of TV?

Sesame Street! I have glowing memories of watching an episode before school if my parents would let me, and just adoring everything happening in front of my eyes.

Who was your hero/heroine when you were 10?

Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, I bet. Or maybe Han’s children, Jacen and Jaina, thanks to the Young Jedi Knights book series.

Can you make a good cup of proper English tea?

Guaranteed I can’t, but I can make a cup of semi-decent Turkish tea, which isn’t too far off maybe?

Efehan Elbi, warrior artistEfehan Elbi, Warrior Artist

What was your first actorly part?

My breakthrough role: I played the major villain in my friend Justin’s 50 minute (fifty whole minutes!!) action-thriller “Quick Punch” for English class. It was a high school masterpiece.

How do you spell colour?

Theu riught wauy.

What are your favourite films and/or TV shows?

SO MANY! But with my childhood obsessions taken out of the list … I can narrow it to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Firefly, and Princess Mononoke. And of course, Castle, to which I feel bonded quite closely.

Special mention to Babylon 5 for the epic arc and, of course, Bruce Boxleitner. Him and Patrick Stewart are my surrogate fathers, and Nathan Fillion and Edward James Olmos are my captains. I’m sure I’m not alone, there.

Joss Whedon: yes or no?

Mhmm. Every Buffy and Angel fan knows which episodes make me want to hug the man for ever existing. The Whedons are absurdly talented folks.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you head?

A guy who worked at a shooting range in Los Angeles once told me to head there in case of zombie apocalypse, specifically. That being my most legitimate apocalypse invite to-date, how could I turn him down?

FPS or Role Play?

FPS can relieve stress, but Role Play is for all of the day!
(Currently playing the Atlus title “Radiant Historia” on my DS and more or less living in heaven while doing so).

Was the last question a false dichotomy?


Thanks for everything, Efehan – hope we’ll meet up soon!

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Rock Star Interview with Jeremy Hodges

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Jeremy HodgesGraphic Designer Jeremy Hodges. Is he on a boat?

Recently Mind My Brains, Darling! was among those webseries selected by to be featured in their new website redesign. have done an amazing job with their new site and we are proud to be part that. Congratulations to the whole team. 

It meant, though, that we needed to have some spanky new artwork. Now, I can manipulate an image as well as the next person, but create new stuff? On demand? That had to look really good? It wasn’t going to happen, no matter how hard I jabbed at stuff in Gimp.

I was bemoaning my lack of eptitude in this department on Friendfeed when Megan suggested I ask one of the graphic designers. Lucky for me, Jeremy Hodges from Rampart Design Studios was on hand and jumped straight in to offer his services.

Within two days he had produced some amazing work, completely in keeping with what we wanted. If you want to see Jeremy’s artwork go over to our new page to see them – you will love them! We have already had enquiries about teeshirts and we will be announcing more on that soon. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter and his design website is


Jeremy was born a poor black child. Actually, not quite black. More like white, but definitely poor. Then the aliens came, but let’s skip to the happy part. Jeremy grew up in the backwoods area around Houston, Texas and didn’t do anything constructive besides watching movies his parents taped off of the television and then quoting them incessantly. He moved to California and found a career in graphic design as well as a wife. Now he and his wife work together running a small graphic design studio (back in Houston – this time doing constructive things … and quoting movies).

What are your earliest memories of TV?

I remember that television told me what time it was. When I was young, we lived near my cousin for a short time and I can still remember that After Tom and Jerry was over, I would have to endure that horrid Andy Griffith show until my cousin came home.
I remember that I could never figure out where they hid the audience that laughed at the Scooby-Doo episodes. Or where the players had the scripts hidden to remember their lines.
Cartoons were always a huge influence on my life. In fact without my love for cartoons, my wife and I might never have hit it off like we did. We talked about Animaniacs for 2 hours straight in a lettering class.

Who was your hero/heroine when you were 10?

Conan the Barbarian. I’m not talking about the sleek, Frank Frazetta comic Conan, but the Germanic, brooding, gap-toothed, Schwarzenegger Conan from the John Milius movie. I was also partial to Mad Max, but that might have come a little later. I think one definitely led to the other.

Can you make a good cup of proper English tea?

No. All I can make is hot-leaf-juice. But I can make a righteous cup of coffee.

What was your first actorly/creative role?

I was involved with teaching a summer acting class in Houston at a junior college (but for high-school kids). I really liked the improv theater and teaching kids to get out of “themselves” for a while, but it wasn’t really for me in the long run.
I wasn’t doing anything creative again until I found that I could do graphic design.

Jeremy Hodges Graphic Designer

How do you spell colour?

With a zed.

What are your favourite films and/or TV shows?

That’s a tough one. You can peruse my flickchart. But really, I’ll just tell you that I’m a sci-fi/fantasy geek that appreciates quality humor. I like M*A*S*H as much as I like Doctor Who.

Joss Whedon: yes or no?

Actually, no. While most geeks I know are browncoat-wearing, spittle-dribbling fanboys/girls – I never developed a taste for his over-the-top, wink-at-the-camera, try-too-hard one-liners. (I’ll apologize in advance for all the hatemail you will receive because of this.)

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you head?

I live in Texas. I can drive 20 minutes in any direction and find a compound more heavily armed than Ted Nugent’s hunting lodge on November 5th, 2008. (How’s that for a try-too-hard one-liner?)

FPS or Role Play?

RPG. With the exception of Quake, no FPS has ever been as fun as some of the great RPG games of our time. See: Zelda, Planescape: Torment, Vagrant Story.

Was the last question a false dichotomy?

No way. Everything in life can fall into the camp of FPS or RPG. For example: “Mom, what kind of applesauce did you buy?” “First person.” See? Works great.

Thanks for a great interview, Jeremy – and for stepping in a literally saving my Mac from being thrown out of the window.

And as for the Whedon thing – that’s ok, we can still all be friends. Drool notwithstanding :P

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Rock Star Interview with Megan Lynch

cast and crew, interviews, news, Webseries

Megan Lynch, picture by Paula Wirth

Megan Lynch is a singer and so much more. Her album, ‘Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me’ has been a favourite of mine since I bought it. When we started to develop the idea for ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ it was the obvious choice for the soundtrack, and Megan graciously allowed us to use her music. And it fits beautifully, the songs ranging from upbeat to sultry, all delivered with passion by Megan.

Megan is an independent artist who recorded and produced her album herself, which is no mean feat. She is also an accomplished musician and Voice Over actor who is generous with her time and expertise. You can follow Megan on her websiteTwitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

What are your earliest memories of TV?

Our black & white TV in the corner of the living room…watching LA’s Channel 52, which played Little Rascals (Our Gang), The Three Stooges, and old cartoons. Plus the old Indian test pattern and color test pattern (which didn’t matter because we didn’t have a color TV).

Who was your hero/heroine when you were 10?

The Wonder Woman TV series was still 3 years away so I was probably into WW via Superfriends. I was big into Greek mythology when I was 10, so that aspect of WW’s background appealed. I was also a feminist starting very early in my life (don’t know where it came from. It’s not like I was learning it explicitly from anyone in my family) and Wonder Woman, in her ideal state, is a powerful role model for girls & women.

Can you make a good cup of proper English tea?

Probably not. I picked up the habit of drinking Earl Grey tea when I was an exchange student in Denmark, where I was introduced to daily tea time. I still don’t put milk in my tea, though.

Megan Lynch with the Cheap SuitsMegan Lynch with the Cheap Suits, picture by Paula Wirth

What was your first actorly part?

I played the Nurse in scenes from Romeo & Juliet in HS.

How do you spell colour?

color. But I spell “gray” as “grey”.  And I often use the British pronunciation of “leisure”.

What are your favourite films and/or TV shows?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Wonder Woman (first season), The West Wing, Sports Night, The Black Adder, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Wonderfalls, Bab 5, Xena

Blazing Saddles, most Frank Capra films, many Woody Allen films, Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies, Betty Boop (esp the ones with classic jazz), Raiders of the Lost Ark…. I could go on and on…

Joss Whedon: yes or no?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you head?

Maybe a cemetery. Perhaps they wouldn’t be expecting much good live meat there.

FPS or Role Play?

I don’t do either because computer games are really hard on my hands. However, I’m more likely to do role playing. I like social things.

Was the last question a false dichotomy?

I’m not a qualified MD.

Thank you so much, Megan! you can buy the album, ‘Songs the Brother’s Warner taught Me’ from Megan’s Bandcamp page. You’ll be glad you did!

[Note: I have been trying to embed the album but WordPress doesn’t like iframes, so please follow the link and listen to/buy the album there!]

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