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Hanging out on Google+

cast and crew, Webseries

when Higlet met Efehan

Last night we did a Hang Out on Google+ and it was full of fun, laughter and good times. Efehan had suggested we meet up since we had never spoken directly before and he wanted to try out the Hang Out capabilities of Google+. Even though we have known each other for years and he very graciously and magnificently created the animated intro to ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’, we had never talked to each other. Welcome to the brave new world :)

After a few technical hitches (for some reason the Hanging Out using Chrome just didn’t work) we were soon in business. I think the strangest thing about it was how strange it wasn’t. We were old friends catching up with the added bonus of being able to see each other. Awesome. Once we made the Hang Out public we were soon joined by Josephine Hoy (the magnificent Dr Feyrer), Louis Gray* and Megan Lynch (musician and creator of the wonderful ‘Songs The Brothers Warner Taught Me‘).

Efehan Joey Louis Higlet and Megan Hang Out

It was brilliant to talk to people, and when more people joined in it turned into an online party with people talking on camera and chatting in the group chat, too.

Aaron Chris Doug Efehan Joey Majid Higlet Rob Hanging Out

Many of the people, like Aaron Trahan (who was one of our wonderful voiceover winners) and Doug Luberts (who is behind the exciting new GeektasticNebula.com) I knew from The Guild, and others like Chris A Kim, David Hillman and Rob Michael I knew from Friendfeed (where I also first met Josephine, Megan and Louis). Some people popped in just to say hi, others stayed most of the time we were talking. It was good times.

Aaron Chris Doug Efehan Joey Higlet and Rob Hangout

You can even see who was there afterwards because Google+ gives you a summary :) If you’ve never tried a Hang Out I’d recommend it – and make sure you invite me!

Awesome Hangout People:

* Louis Gray is hard to describe but ‘international man of social media‘ is one of those ways. He is also a pretty good singer. And apparently he works for Google now. #SUWGOMH

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