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Rock Star Interview with Louis Srygley


Felicia Day and Louis Srygley at GenCon 2011

Louis and Felicia Day at GenCon 2010

Louis is another person I met through a shared love of the webseries, The Guild, and we have been co-conspirators on more than one occasion (none of which can be disclosed). Louis has his own webseries and is involved in many others, like‘Corrupting the Classics with Contemporary Crap‘. His sense of fun and genuine interest and concern for people are heartwarming and you can find him on Twitter, on The Guild Forums and the USS Justice.

When we started our fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo Louis was a staunch supporter, and he has continued to help with suggestions, feedback and lots of Twitter support. He is Executive Producer of ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ and he took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us:

What are your earliest memories of TV?

I can remember sitting around in a wood paneled room in College Station, Texas, my father and mother watching the television talking in serious tone, the image is a bunch of people talking, scenes of a hospital entrance and that of a plane.   Really boring, and it’s November 1963 and I just turned three.  I also watched a funeral on TV a few days later.  I thought the horses and the carriage were neat, and I wondered why there were so many people an the sides of the street.

I also remember going to my uncle’s house in Little Rock, Ark during Christmas. He had gotten a TV (in a large wood cabinet) and the whole family was watching the Christmas specials. I remember there was lots of snow, but there was no snow in Arkansas.  It was a little rainy though. I’m pretty sure that was in December 1963.

I know that I always loved to race down to see the cartoons Saturday morning, and I did see the orginal Star Trek, I saw episodes of Hogans Heros, Rat Patrol, Gomer Pyle, Get Smart, Dick Van Dyke and Leave it to Beaver.  And I did see some of The Prisoner when it was first run, including the ending.

Who was your hero/heroine when you were 10?

Boy that’s a hard one. For comics, yes, there was Batman and Superman.  Certainly I watched quite a bit of the Batman TV serial, so he was a hero.  At 10, for real people, that had to be Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and the rest of the astronauts.  The fact that we had gone to the moon was awsome. And Maxwell Smart was both a hero and funny.  After all Kaos would rule if it wasn’t for Control.  What does reality mean to a 10 year old? Then there was Hogan of Hogans Heroes.

Louis the Browncoat

Louis the Browncoat

Can you make a good cup of proper English tea?

Of course, you start with a bag of tea.  You throw it out.

You heat water in a kettle until it is boiling.  When it does so, you get a porcelain tea pot and pour some in. Put the water back on the heat to keep boiling.  Turn the water around in the pot to properly warm it up.  Throw out the water.  Throw in a good measure of loose tea leaves.  Fill with the water.  Turn off heat, put lid on pot and wait.  How long to wait depends, but no shorter than three minutes. Use a strainer to keep leaves out of the tea while pouring into a nice pre-heated cup (using the hot water and dump method).

Serve with a wedge of lemon or a spot of cream.  Do no put in both together.  Make sure to watch the Brownian motion (which as you know is also a finite improbabilty generator).

And then there is the Purist, who throws out whats in the pot, fills it with rum, gin or scotch and to them, that’s the perfect cup of tea.

What was your first actorly/creative role?

Well my first acting role was not very creative.  I was in second grade, and I had the following lines (yes, I still remember them).

“After the fifteenth state, they decided that they could no longer add stripes for each state. So they decided to have one star for each state, and thirteen stripes.  One for each of the original colonies.”

I was with other 2nd graders, all sitting in a line (by last name of course), so I’m near the end.  Each person waited for the person next to them to finish. They stood and spoke, then sat down.  I knew it perfectly.   I sat there looking at the darkness that was the audience.  You could see some people, and I know my mom was in the house.

As it came to my turn, I stood up and..

There was nothing, nothing at all. The Daffy duck crickets come to mind.  I was frozen.

The teacher said:  After the fifteenth state…  I spoke it out hesitantly, and was still blank.  They decided that they..  I said it, went blank, and this continued to the end of my part,  I sat down.. frozen.

That pretty much ended my career acting until my company decided they needed someone to speak a dutch welcome for a multimedia display at our computer center.  I do know it a bit, and someone gave me a script.  I still remember the first paragraph, but I will hold off that for now.

I do feel more comfortable behind the camera, and I worked on a Star Trek Fan series called Tales of the seventh Fleet (www.totsf.com). It’s on www.podship.com.  I got into that when I mentioned that I have a house and make the basement into a blue wall.   We’ve filmed two of them, but are having problems with graphics on the second one.

In the meantime I’ve started to take acting lessions, but I am still nervous in crowds.  Forgetting my lines when needed is a great fear.  I do much better at improv as long as you don’t ask me to rhyme or sing.

Louis Minds His Brains?

Louis Minds His Brains?

How do you spell colour?

Depends where I am and what the context is.  Most emails from the states will be color, but some of them to relatives in Europe, I will spell colour.

What are your favourite films and/or TV shows?

I have to say that one of my favorite films is Blade Runner.  I know Star Wars is loved, but EP 1  hurt it.  Ep 3 of The Matrix series was also a bit off. The first one just revealed more than the second two could do.

For TV Shows, I loved the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, and I do like the Original Star Trek series.  It’s one of the shows I watched all the time when I was 6-11.  Of the Joss Whedon, I did watch Buffy (starting around season 3) and loved the Firefly (when it wasn’t pre-empted by ball games).

Joss Whedon: yes or no?

Yes Please!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you head?

Downstairs to get my Katana and broadsword.  Never runs out of ammo, and zombies don’t know to protect head.  It’s also more silent.  For long range, I have a compound and normal bow.  Includes some field tips and they will go through the head of zombie fast.  You can easily pull out and reclaim the aluminium arrows.

You don’t want to make too much sound and start shooting guns in the middle of a city and find yourself in a tank with no gas, surrounded by thousands of zombies, while some young punk calls you a dumb-ass. Even if you are one…

FPS or Role Play?

I played far more FPS, especially Unreal Tournament.  That being said, RPGs can be ok, even if they are LARPs, on computer (like WOW RPG sites) and/or D&D.  I do have the original D&D and Version 4.  Nothing really in between, but I did work with several different systems like GURPS and Traveller.

Was the last question a false dichotomy?

You know it was.  Case in point.  Which played better: Portal or Portal 2?  And why didn’t you believe that the cake is not a lie?


Thanks, Louis! And I’m looking forward to you making us a nice sup of tea one day, preferably using that last method… :)




  1. Louis Srygley  •  Jun 8, 2011 @2:30 am

    Oh look, it’s my fifteen minutes of fame. I see people looking at me waiting to………………….

    crickets, still crickets…

  2. admin  •  Jun 8, 2011 @3:15 am

    That’s not crickets, Louis – it’s applause! :)

  3. Jacqui  •  Jul 11, 2012 @1:41 am

    Cool interview. More Crazy Louis Please!

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