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Rock Star Interview with Efehan Elbi

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Efehan Elbi and Nathan FillionEfehan Elbi and Nathan Fillion.

This week’s Rock Star Interview is with the amazingly talented artist Efehan Elbi. I first met Efe a long time ago through our shared love of The Guild. I followed him on Twitter and through that saw his outstanding animation work, like ‘So Then, Don’t Wait’ and ‘Rainfall‘, which features the voice talents of Molly Quinn. He has a graphic novel series about Genevieve, available on Lulu.com.

Efehan is also a filmmaker and webseries creator. His latest work with Zac Tatham and Aaron Manczyk as part of the ‘Family Contact‘ collective, explores relationships, family, time and work in a unique, refreshing and hilarious way. Think you know what’s going to happen next in ‘Living with Friends’? I sincerely doubt it – you’ll have to watch to find out! There’s a great review of the team on the Toronto Film Scene magazine.

When we announced ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’, Efehan was very supportive. Once he heard about the opening credits we were hoping to have he very generously offered to do them. He has created a wonderful sequence for us that we can’t share with you!

What are your earliest memories of TV?

Sesame Street! I have glowing memories of watching an episode before school if my parents would let me, and just adoring everything happening in front of my eyes.

Who was your hero/heroine when you were 10?

Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, I bet. Or maybe Han’s children, Jacen and Jaina, thanks to the Young Jedi Knights book series.

Can you make a good cup of proper English tea?

Guaranteed I can’t, but I can make a cup of semi-decent Turkish tea, which isn’t too far off maybe?

Efehan Elbi, warrior artistEfehan Elbi, Warrior Artist

What was your first actorly part?

My breakthrough role: I played the major villain in my friend Justin’s 50 minute (fifty whole minutes!!) action-thriller “Quick Punch” for English class. It was a high school masterpiece.

How do you spell colour?

Theu riught wauy.

What are your favourite films and/or TV shows?

SO MANY! But with my childhood obsessions taken out of the list … I can narrow it to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Firefly, and Princess Mononoke. And of course, Castle, to which I feel bonded quite closely.

Special mention to Babylon 5 for the epic arc and, of course, Bruce Boxleitner. Him and Patrick Stewart are my surrogate fathers, and Nathan Fillion and Edward James Olmos are my captains. I’m sure I’m not alone, there.

Joss Whedon: yes or no?

Mhmm. Every Buffy and Angel fan knows which episodes make me want to hug the man for ever existing. The Whedons are absurdly talented folks.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you head?

A guy who worked at a shooting range in Los Angeles once told me to head there in case of zombie apocalypse, specifically. That being my most legitimate apocalypse invite to-date, how could I turn him down?

FPS or Role Play?

FPS can relieve stress, but Role Play is for all of the day!
(Currently playing the Atlus title “Radiant Historia” on my DS and more or less living in heaven while doing so).

Was the last question a false dichotomy?


Thanks for everything, Efehan – hope we’ll meet up soon!

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