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Interview with guest star Josephine Hoy!

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Josephine Hoy, actor. Guest star in "Mind My Brains, Darling!"

Josephine Hoy, actor. Guest star in "Mind My Brains, Darling!"

It is our great pleasure to introduce one of the guest stars of ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ – Josephine Hoy.

Josephine is a hugely talented actor based in Seattle, US. She loves cup cakes and creme brulee and lived on Vancouver Island, near Victoria, when growing up. I have been friends with Josephine for a long time via the internet and she will be coming up to shoot with us in less than two weeks, which is hugely exciting. You can follow Joey on Twitter, on Facebook and her website.

She took time out of her schedule to answer some probing questions:

What are your earliest memories of TV?

Probably drinking tea and watching Murder, She Wrote with my grandmum. I still want to be as cool as Jessica Fletcher when I’m an old lady. And ride about on a Pashley Princess. Oh, and here’s an embarrassing tidbit (Higlet Films Exclusive): I used to watch the Wee Sing Together birthday VHS over and over because the main character, Sally, had the same wallpaper as I did and I thought that made me really, really special.

Who was your hero/heroine when you were 10?


Can you make a good cup of proper English tea?

Absolutely. It’s my number one selling point as a wife. Actually, I’m a bit of a tea fancier. It’s one step down from an expert.

What was your first actorly part?

I believe I played the part of a (secular) Christmas Tree in a school musical about who-knows-what in the first grade. It doesn’t really count as ‘actorly’ but I wore a fantastic costume made from a hula-hoop and how cool is that? It also may not have been my first time on stage. I try not to recall humiliating experiences.

How do you spell colour?

Colour, of course.

Josephine Hoy, actor.

Josephine Hoy, actor.


What are your favourite films and/or TV shows?

Far too many, so I’ll just stick with something I said earlier today: I’m a fan of Fellini and Farscape.

Joss Whedon: yes or no?

Watch me dodge fandom bait to hilarious results!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, where would you head?

Why, to the Worthington house, of course. I’ve heard Petunia makes delicious scones.

FPS or Role Play?

Hi, I’m Josephine and I’m a level 55 Cleric with DPS build.

Was the last question a false dichotomy?


Thank you for that illuminating interview, Ms Hoy! We can’t wait to see you on the ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!” set. If you have any questions for Josephine, leave a comment below.

Next week we have another guest star interview, a peek behind a mask…


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  1. chaz2b  •  May 3, 2011 @5:05 am

    you live on the isle; new level of jealousy, ;)

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